Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Emma's Carnival

This is my niece Emma Faye.
She just turned six and had a very fun carnival birthday party!

Sinclair had so much fun while her favorite person in the whole wide world, Aunt Lala, took her to all the fun booths!

There was the classic fishing for toys game.

The basketball dunk !

The throw wet nerf-balls at your older sister dressed up as a clown in 55 degree weather!

Knock over the cans!

Icee machine!
And Aunt Cheri and Cindy trying to figure out that darn cotton candy machine!

We had so much fun!

Look how sweet Uncle Mark is providing warmth to his freezing nephew!
(It looks warm but it was super cold!)

I got to paint faces!
I am always amazed that children allow me to do this to them!

Sinclair won the slam dunk contest!
Not really, but in her mind she did!

The beautiful cake Aunt Cheri made for Emma.
Happy Birthday sweet Emma!

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