Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Don't Be A Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving

At this time of year we can't help but be reminded of how much we have to be thankful for; all of our little luxuries, and the basics.....shelter, food, clean water.
Most of all we live in a country were we are not persecuted for believing and worshiping Jesus Christ. What a blessing I can read my bible everyday. I can buy numerous books on my faith. I can tell others about Jesus. I can write as many blog posts about God as I want.
There are many people who do not have these luxuries and needs.
Gospel for Asia is an organization that sends 100% of your gift to the mission field.
And right now they are having a Christmas campaign. You can send lots of needed items to people who are not as blessed as us.

There are many ways to give.
Gifts From The Stable = chickens,water buffalo,pigs, rabbits, etc...
Gifts Of Compassion=Bio sand water filter, blankets,new house,tool kit, etc....
Gifts of Outreach=Jesus wells,Gospel literature,Bibles,VBS,etc.....
Gifts for Missionaries=Lanterns,Projectors, Winter clothing, Vehicles,etc....

Please Take the time to watch this video and pray with your family to see how the Lord could use you this Christmas.
Christmas Catalog Video - Gospel for Asia


  1. It is definitely time to see what we can do to make the whole world a better place:-)

  2. You are ambitious! Sounds like a good cause.

  3. What great ideas! in 2 weeks we are having an advent craft faire at our church and the missions committee (Which I am on) is hosting a table with handicrafts from missionaries around the world and a table with alternative gift ideas... I am so excited!