Thursday, October 15, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We wish you a merry Christmas.............
Da Da Da Da Da Daaa!
We are having a blogging Christmas Party over at EmmaCallsMeMama.
As I am feeling festive I thought I would share some of last years memories with you.

December 25, 2008.
We were home together all day.
It was so nice!
We opened presents from eachother.
(We don't do Santa at our house)
Then I made a turkey.
(It doesn't look that great but it tasted amazing.Those bags really work.)
We watched "Christmas Vacation", ate, played Uno, and Matt read the Christmas story.
I love visiting with family Christmas Eve, the day after Christmas(aka Kori's B-day),even Christmas night(game night).
So this year I think we will do it all over again.
Spending the day together, remembering our many blessings.
Feliz Navidad!

All of us last year.
And Riette in my tummy!


  1. Hello Summur - your blog tickles my heart! Thank you for sharing some of your Christmas traditions with us. I like having a game night! I'm going to try that with our extended family this year while we're visiting. Your family photo is beautiful!

    Thank you for joining me for the party!


  2. Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories from last year. Food is one of my favorite parts of the holidays.

  3. great post - love that you cooked your turkey in a bag (i always have to have the hubby cook ours, i suck at cooking) :D

  4. What a wonderful post! We don't do Santa either but celebrate the Saviour. Thank you for sharing.


  5. It's not even Halloween woman!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're worse than Target ;) <3 ya

  6. That's my girl, Christmas Yes! I'm hoping you kids can get together with us this year or at wherever. We will have to talk about it. Looking forward to it wether it is Christmas day or another day close to it. Love Mom

  7. I loved your post. Wasn't this fun? Christmas will be here before we know it!

  8. Great Post, I enjoyed the sharing of your Christmas Traditions.8~)
    ~Myrna Lee