Saturday, October 24, 2009

Harvest Party!

Our cousins, Justin and Angie, had a Harvest Party tonight.
If you don't come dressed don't come at all.
Sinclair and I were Chiquita Bananas and Riette was a banana.
So obviously Matt would be a fruit farmer :)
It was a blast!
Everyone had such creative outfits.
There were Lords and Ladys, Tinkerbells and Robin Hoods, even Snow White and all of her dwarves.

I loved this idea.
Above are our cousins/friends Kerri and Lewis.
Kerr made these cute candy outfits.
Very creative!
And Kerris parents looked amazing too.
Below is Uncle Gary and Aunt Coco as the Hunter and the Hunted.
Gary scared me, I had no idea it was him.

My Fruit Farmer and our little Banana.

They had square dancing for the adults.........

And for the kids!

What fun!
Of course I am typing this at 9:20 so you know the kids konked out at 8.
Why do they stay up late at home, and when you have something fun to do they pass out early.
Any you have any plans for next weekend?
I'd love to hear how your family celebrates Harvest!


  1. By going to CCM BABY!!! See you there on the 31st! Can't wait. Lane will bee there too (lol, jack joke).

  2. So cute! We are going to Centenary's Fall Festival! You should come and bring the kids. It'll be on Halloween from 5-7pm.
    :) Cute costumes!!

  3. looks like such fun!
    we're gonna go to the fall festival at our church on the 31st.