Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dollar Spot

I love Target.
Have I mentioned that?
What is better then Target?
The Target dollar spot!
Where I find lovely things for only, you guessed it, a dollar.
I bought these lovely magnetic clips a few months ago.
I use them to hold down a tablecloth.
I am so excited I found another great use for them.
Set them on your metal oven over hang and they can hold your recipe.
Wonderful for me since I am cooking something new every night.
By the way they still have these.
4 for a dollar.
What a deal!


  1. What a good idea!
    Fun stuff!!

  2. We have those too! We used them as chip bag clips forever but just figured out I could hold recipes too :)

  3. Oh, I really like that idea of clipping it above the stove when you're cooking. I'm always looking at my recipe to make sure I did it right! ;) We have a microwave above ours, but it would still work!