Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday

Wow I am actually doing a real Tackle.
Some how through all the sickness in our home the Lord gave me strength.
He always does!
So this is our back storage area by the washer and dryer.
Things tend to pile up back there.
Out of sight out of mind right?
It drives me bananas.
So I cleaned it up and it only took about 20 minutes.
Not to shabby.

See all clear.

Well there is just this small pile :)!
But that is for a garage sale.
Unless any one needs a baby seat w/o base.

Have a blessed Tuesday!
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  1. I get the soap for $.09 each using coupons. Shopping with coupons are great. I see that you are a Mom of babies. RiteAid has a great deal on Huggies this week. Only $2 per Jumbo pack. If you want to learn more on how to use coupons just let me know I teach Virtual workshop (I teach you 1 on 1 from your home computer $20 jut click the Virtual Workshop link at the top or side of my page) or you can self learn by following my blog post. I post deals weekly.

    Have a blessed day and thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. Great job with your tackle! It's always a weight off to clear out something that's been driving you nuts, isn't it?

  3. Nice tackle1 I love when you get a nook or closet cleaned and you can walk in it. I need to work on my front closet in the hall now!

    Mom All Day