Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Paci-ng Judgement

Tuesday is Tackle day. Today I am going to work on not being so judgemental.

Judgement......it is harsh.Even the word just sounds harsh.
But as humans we can sure pass some.
Even the kindest of us is guilty of it.
When I was a nanny I thought I knew it all.
I had taught pre-school for 5 years, I studied child-development.
When I saw a mother getting out-of-hand with her kids in a store I rolled my eyes.
Any time I noticed a kid with a pacifier,I chuckled out loud.
Don't even get me started on discipline.
I was a great nanny and I just knew I would be a fantastic mother.
Boy was I in for it.
You know just when we get cocky that's when the Lord really starts His work in us.
After we got home from the hospital after having my oldest, Sinclair, I was still thinking I was the world's best mother.
Fast forward to the next day and this is what you heard from me.

"Some one get me a pacifier. Wash your hands you cretin. No one told me it was this hard. Why on earth do these people cry so much...AAAAAAHHHH."
I also am reminded of something I said after having Sinclair that my cousins Julie and Jill love to tease me about ;"If I would have known how hard this was I would have lived.I would have gone dancing, ate out,and really enjoyed sleeping in more."

After the craziness died down, and I got out-of the new-mama funk, I realized something.
I was way too judgemental.
And not just about kids.
All sorts of things people did.
I thought about how God judges me. He is way more lenient on me then I had been on others.
If I want to be like Christ I better be more understanding.

It's not like I never judge people any more. I am just reminded of my old ways everytime I look at my daughter who is 2 with her paci in her mouth.

And why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, but do not perceive the plank in your own eye? Luke 6:41

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  1. Oh binky! At least you can throw it away, Kailyn's thumb is kind of attached.

    Yes, the judgement we throw at others is just gross! Thankfully we have forgiveness! What a work in progress we all are :)

  2. GREAT POST! I too try so hard not to judge, but it is so hard... especially when we do it without realizing. I too am going to join in with you on this!

  3. What a great tackle! We should all do that:-)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my little spot on the web. Hope you do good on your low carb way of eating. Be sure and stop by again for low carb updates. :)

  5. Something that everyone needs to remember!!

    Thanks for the craft challenge button on the side bar. I look forward to having you join us!

  6. The blog looks great and what a great goal.

    Have you read Radical? My mom just did and I know I should too. I have a feeling you would appreciate it too.