Monday, September 14, 2009

Here A Baby Shower, There A Baby Shower.......

This was a busy weekend.
2 baby showers and I also got to meet baby Gianna(Missy's baby).
Pictures to come, she is a beauty!
Both showers I attended were a blast.
One was for my cousin JaRae who is about to pop.
Literally she is dialeted to a 3, 0 station and 80% effaced.
Look out here she blows!
The other shower was for my friend Stacey.
They just had the cutest idea for a shower "game".
I had to share it with ya'll.

Onesie decorating.
Marcia, Stacey's mom, had laid out plain onsies,ribbon,fabric,buttons..........everything a crafty gal could dream of.
Well you decorate them and then Stacey pics the best one.

Oh, pick me, over here mine the cutest most creative one!
That one with the tiole is mine.
I attached just the top so you could use it as a bib to wipe baby Drennans face.
I thought that was pretty spiffy.
Someone mentioned it could be a sids risk.
But I bet she was just trying to beat me.
Nice try ! I was in the top 3!
Well 4, someone who was picked ahead of me left so she lost her ranking.
Ha Ha Ha He HE HE!
What is it about competition that brings out the best in me?
I am sure it doesn't help that we were all friends from high school, so that can bring out the immature attitude.
Oh well I didnt win.
Look how pretty Stacey looks!
Kelly and Stace are expecting their first baby.
What a blessing.
That is even better then winning the onesie contest.


  1. Oh Stace you look so cute! Where are the pics from the other shower? Tomorrows post??? So bummed I missed them!

  2. unfortunately I didn't get any pics from Ja Raes:(