Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

This weekend we were so blessed to hang out with all of our siblings.It amazes me how little we get to spend time together and we only live 10-25 minutes apart.
I think my life is so busy but when Laura asked me tonight "what have you been up to?"
I looked back at her like a deer stuck in head-lights.
We are never too busy to spend time with the people we love.
(Especially since we will be out of state soon)
Above is a picture of Sinclair with her Uncle Mark.
Her favorite Uncle.........named Mark that is:)
Below we have Sinclair playing a little game with Aunt La La called

We got to see Matt's other Brother Paul his wife Cheri and the nieces and nephews.
Here is Matt with Elijah and Emma.

Emma and Sam being to cool for school.
Aren't they cute?

Below is Mollie with Sinclair in the freezing cold pool.
We were all going to swim, as that seems like a very Labor day weekend thing to do, but these 2 were the only brave ones!

Next stop, my sibling, Aunt Kor Kor's.
The one who got me started on this whole blog thing to begin with.
Below is a pick of her youngest Lane.
He is a cutie pie!
As you can plainly see.

And finally my favorite picture of the weekend.
Kailyn, my niece, washing her hands.
It was truly a group effort.
Kailyn is potty training and we allowed Sinclair to watch for a little bit of peer pressure.
I think it actually works. She does seem more interested in the last few days.
If nothing else she will learn better hand washing skills.

Happy Labor Day!
I hope ya'll get to spend some time with your family this weekend.


  1. I love how Kailyn hadn't put her pants back on, but at least you can hardly notice it!!!

    No cookie pictures? What did they think??? Did you even have any left over?

  2. funny, i just noticed Kailyn's butt:)
    sorry..............patience on the cookie post, patience!