Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Girl

Sinclair is officially a big girl.
She shed her paci's for good.
And she was ready and I wasn't, yet again.
I saw on a show called Supernanny, which I usually don't care for, Nanny Jo Jo talk about a Paci Fairy.
This alleged Fairy comes and takes your paci's and then gives them to babies who need them.
When you wake up in the morning she has left you a gift.
Kinda like the tooth fairy.
All day I talked about the Paci Lady, not 'fairy' because we want to be realistic.
I told Sinclair "you are a big girl now and big girls don't have paci's or diapers."
She was pretty excited about the Paci Lady coming and when the time came we searched the house for all of her pacis.
She dropped them in the bag, we walked out side and she had a few last sucks of her paci.
Tear....sniff, sniff.
Have I mentioned I love to hear Sinclair suck on that old thing.
Twisted, I know.

She went to sleep without a peep.
Obviously she was ready.
In the morning I reminded her that the Lady brought her a gift.
She ran outside and found her glorious bounty.

Yeah! Pez candy something else great for her teeth.


  1. Yea KK! You'll have to remind your mom your whole life that you are ready and she isn't! :) Kailyn can't wait for you to come over and see what a big girl you are now!!!

  2. Giving up the Paci is tough. Our first son gave his up just as easily as your Sinclair. Our second son, well that was a different story. Round three and the battle with the paci is soon to come. I love how each kiddo is SO different!