Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rabid Deer

In Oregon last week we were surrounded by about a million deer. These were no ordinary deer, these were rabid, man eating deer. The crazy animals were every where. You go down a bike path and there they are staring you in the face. They have no fear of the human species. I just knew they sensed my fear and were going to attack.
Apparently I was the only one on the trip whom was terrified of these man eating deer.
My nieces and nephews taunted me.
All were convinced that these deer were perfectly safe creatures.
Maybe they are right, but I am keeping my distance from now on.

These pics were taken from our back patio. I did zoom in a little, but they were still stinkin' close.


  1. We must have those same deer at our lake property..their slightly crazy and come way too close for me.

    Great tackle...lol.