Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Bye Bye

Sinclair passed her crib on to her little sister Riette last weekend.

And she moved on up to a toddler bed.

I think she has been ready for a while because she was so excited to have it. When we got it all set up and ready for her we told her the rules and she replied with "K". (that's what she always says)
I prepared for a long night of her getting up and playing with her toys.
She did not get up once and went straight to bed.
......we did find her in the middle of the floor,but we are pretty sure she rolled there:)

I am sad that my baby is so big now.She doesn't want to be rocked any more before bed. She just goes and lays down and wants to be read to in her bed.
Tear drop.....sniffle sniffle....

And to top off my emotional weekend Sinclair moved up to the 2 year old nursery room at church.They even do work in there( a colored picture,with her name on it and everything).
Why, oh why do they have to grow up?
Lord I am not ready............
Okay enough of feeling sorry for myself.Thanks for letting me vent:)

(Shout out to Aunt Kor Kor and Uncle Bubb for the bed)


  1. Man I wanted a picture of her asleep on the floor!!!

  2. Who are these people who read your interesting. At least your getting some love from Il!!! And who are you in Louisville KY? Is it Jeff??? :) Hi Jeff! We miss you!

  3. I hate those profile tracker thingys!

    Summur, you can buy those bed rails so she won't fall on the floor. ;)


  4. We love the trackers!!! :) It's fun guessing who is reading. Then we know when you check in Amy ;)

  5. Yeah, not fair I am a little obvious because I am the only one in SONOMA. Maybe I should change my location to Modesto, then you would never know. muhahahaha