Thursday, July 30, 2009

So In Love

For those of you who are married you know how it can be..................fill in the blank : hard? trying? frustrating? confusing? easy? secure? loving? wonderful? blissful?
It can change from day to day , hour to hour, second..............well you get the drift.
I am a blessed mama! I have a great husband.
But I can pick the exact best two days of our relationship. August 4th 2007 pictured above.
And May 13th 2009, below.

That's right the births of our two girls, Sinclair June and Riette Adeline.

Some women hate their husbands on "labor day". Mine really shined on those days, It wasn't so much how attentive he was during labor, although he was very. It was the sheer joy on his face after the girls were born. He just walked around on a cloud just so happy to be a daddy.

Recently when I was in Labor with Riette I wondered if it would happen again. Would Matt turn into glowing, unbelievably proud super dad again. I only wondered for a second, because after she popped out (and I literally mean popped out)he was again smitten.

Thanks Matt for making the girls birth days the best days of my life.

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