Monday, July 13, 2009

Here a Bubble, There a Bubble, Everywhere a Bubble Bubble!

It was a hard day that started out with yet another migraine. But thanks to my awesome cousins, Angie and Kerri, I got some rest and felt better by the evening. So I thought we needed some fun around my dark and quiet house.

Sinclair loves bubbles and Riette thinks they are pretty interesting.
These aren't just any old bubble, these are Gymboree bubbles the best ever. And you can use them inside because they are made from glucose, not soap.
I guess my one year teaching play and music classes at Gymboree payed off, because Sinclair loves all the bubble songs. Now if I can only find a parachute!


  1. So apparentely your ad's change according to what you post. Better be careful with words in the future ;)

    We love bubbles too. But I think we need Auntie MurMur to come over and sing for us.

  2. How fun. My kids love bubble time. Sorry to hear you are still getting migraines =(

    Why do you have ads on your page?