Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grandma's House

We visited Granndma Fay yesterday and boy did we have fun! She is so kind and too much fun. What an awesome lady! Fay is my husbands grandmother, her and her husband Dr.Hugh Gallagher raised 6 beautiful children. They did a wonderful job teaching them the word of God.Praise the Lord for such a wonderful woman!
Grandma and Sinclair read together. So much fun.
Cousin Amanda helped me out with the little Ri Ri. Thank you so much Amanda!(We will be calling you soon for a date night)


  1. Good times! Hey I think you need to clean the lens of your camera...

  2. dude i was wondering why all the pics were turning out like that! thanks kor.

  3. no prob! kailyn is always grabbing the camera and touching the lens. I never realize it until I go to take a picture and it's cloudy like that! Those crazy kids.

  4. Oh it's always fun at Grandma's house!